Those Questions You Ask About Life & You

Have you ever contemplated upon the meaning of life? Or the reason as to why things happened as they did? Or the purpose of your existence? Have sorrow or emptiness ever caught you in your solitude and you can't explain why?

Give yourself that time and prioritize in understanding you. Set aside some time and listen to these life-changing talks, by the Will of God.

Download these into your mp3 player:

More to come God Willing.

Chapters from the Quran - English Translation

While you are reading the English translation of the Glorious Quran, why not listen to the original (in Arabic)? Thus helping you to understand the meaning and at the same time listen to its beautiful style & rhythmical form. After all, the Quran literally means "a reading or reciting."

More videos will be added from time to time InshaAllah (God Willing)

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