Free Quran Project

The Last Revelation: A Message to Mankind

We believe that knowledge is the key that leads to the Truth. And that materials and means to knowledge should be easy to access. And we believe that everyone should have the chance to read this Glorious book, as it is meant for each & every single individual on this planet. Everyone deserve the chance to determine for themselves, what is right and what is the truth.

The project also aims at promoting a greater understanding of what Islam stands for, by directing the community to refer straight to the source: the Quran. Understanding leads to greater tolerance & harmony-living between Muslims & community members of other faith, especially in times of escalating propaganda against Islam and the Muslims.

It also aspires to build a greater interest, appreciation and understanding of the Glorious Messages in the Book of Wisdom & Guidance and hence encourage Muslims particularly the youth to reach out, embrace and hold on to the Rope of Allah.

Path to Islam : Stories to Share

If you've made that choice to embrace & practice Islam, we'd like to hear from you! Please write to us at and tell us about your path to Islam. InshaAllah we will include your story on the website and InshaAllah, it will inspire & benefit the readers.

The Quran is in my heart

Love it & Live it
An effort that looks to stir a greater interest, love, understanding & attachment to the Quran among the young muslims.


1. Understanding the Quran

a)If you haven't got a good translation, its time to get one.
b)Dedicate some time that you can commit to on a daily/weekly basis for you to read &
understand the Quran, such as 45 minutes everyday. But you must commit to it.
c)Contemplate upon the meaning of each verse and jot down any points that interest or
struck you. Then share them with a friend.
d)If you've read one translation, read another one.
e)Read about or watch videos on the Miracles of the Quran.

2. Encourage others
Send gifts- give a translation of the Quran to your loved ones or to your friends. You may
choose to give one with extensive commentaries (recommended) or with only the arabic
text & translation or even this translation only with selected commentaries (for quick

3. Share the love
Drop us an email and tell us why you love the Quran- leave us a simple comment or other creative forms of expression. InshaAllah, we will collect all the responses and publish them on the site, in hopes that it could encourage others to find that love too! So please, send them in now!

WHO WE ARE - Merely servant of Allah trying to serve