"We have revealed for you (O men!) a book in which is a Message for you: will ye not then understand?" (21:10)

A message especially for YOU.
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Let the Quran answer all of your life's questions, doubts & uncertainties.
Let the Quran speak for itself.
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Invitation to read the most important book in the human history.

Come, come, whoever you are.

Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.

It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair.

This is a book that has had such a profound impact on the human history. Since it was revealed more than 1,400 years ago, it has caught the attention of countless - including scientists, historians, scholars and philosophers. Today, this book (The Quran) continues to influence and shape the lives of more than 1 billion people throughout the world! (All only by the Mercy & Will of Allah). Surely, a must-read for all citizens of the world regardless of religious beliefs and background.

Now available in an English translation for FREE.

The Meaning of the Holy Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

Size and cover may vary depending on availability.

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Inside: Poetically eloquent, beautifully written,

and rich with literal & symbolical meaning for contemplation.

With extensive footnotes/commentaries

to build a deeper understanding of the context, instruction, meaning

of each Chapter, verse by verse.


a) For members of other faiths besides Islam

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1- Please remember that the Glorious Quran is a sacred scripture, and thus we humbly ask of you to treat it as such.
2- Please handle this translated copy of the Glorious Quran respectfully, and in a state of personal cleanliness.
3- If you wish to dispose off this copy, do not throw it away. Please forward it to someone, or contact us to arrange a pickup from your location.

Thank you and may God Bless you always.

b) For fellow brothers & sisters in Islam

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Thank you and May Allah Bless you with His Light, Knowledge & Wisdom.


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