Thinking of the Creation

In every age, people have always wondered how this seamless universe originated, where it leads to, how the laws maintaining its order and balance work.

For centuries, scientists and thinkers have made numerous researches on this issue and produced quite a few theories.


A single cell in the mother’s womb. Smaller than a grain of salt. You, too, once consisted of this single cell.

Just like everybody else in the world.

And then this cell divided, becoming two cells. Then they divided and became four. Then eight, then 16 cells. First a piece of flesh emerged. Then this piece of flesh took shape. It developed arms, legs, eyes.

God performed a string of miracles and created the human being you are watching in this film, who was once just a drop of water. And He revealed to Man how He created him in the Qur’an, in these words:

Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled, (without purpose)? Was he not once a drop of ejected semen? Then he became a clot, so He created and fashioned him and made him into two sexes, male and female. Is He who does this not able to bring the dead to life? (Surat al-Qiyama: 36-40)


People use different techniques to make their agriculture productive. Scientists have developed techniques such as crop spraying and chemical fertilizers to increase production.

They have also managed to raise crops all year round by means of greenhouses.

Yet there is another creature which has been engaging in agriculture and employing these techniques for even longer.

These are leaf-cutter ants. They have been agriculturalists for millions of years. Read

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about spiders are their webs. These webs are marvels of design.

A spider’s web contains its own architectural blueprint, and the engineering calculations to accompany it.

If we enlarged a spider to the size of a human being, the web it weaves would be around 150 metres high. That is the same height as a 50-storey skyscraper. If a spider were so large as to be capable of making a 50-metre-wide web, that web would be strong enough to stop even a jumbo jet. So, how do spiders weave webs with these properties? Read

Dolphins are the most intelligent of sea creatures. They understand commands very well and know how to obey them. Their bodies have been created according to a marvelous design.

We always see dolphins at the surface of the water. But they spend most of their lives in the deep. In places where it is very difficult for them to see each other and to find food.

But dolphins can see better in the deep darkness of the sea than we can in the light.

So, how can dolphins do this? God created dolphins with a complex system that allows them to find their direction by sensing sound waves Scientists call this system “echolocation. To find out how dolphins do this we have to look closely at their heads. Read

The existence of life and its continuation depend on a very delicate stability. If you are to think about it, there is only one single conclusion you can come up with: Whole living creatures and the world we live in are specially designed.

The first design that makes world a remarkable place is the carbon atom. The scientists concluded that there could be no organism without carbon. The reason is that all the other atoms in the organisms can only make bonds with the carbon atom. There is no other element like carbon because other elements cannot make infinite bonds with other atoms like carbon. The well known scientist Micheal Denton says in his book named as Nature’s Destiny:

“Consequently if life is going to exist on any planet anywhere in the universe it is going to have to be carbon-based” (Michael Denton, Nature's Destiny, p 106)


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The Qur'an & Modern Science

Ever since the dawn of human life on this planet, Man has always sought to understand Nature, his own place in the scheme of Creation and the purpose of Life itself. In this quest for Truth, spanning many centuries and diverse civilizations, organized religion has shaped human life and determined to a large extent, the course of history. While some religions have been based on books, claimed by their adherents to be divinely inspired, others have relied solely on human experience.

The Bible, The Qur'an and Science

By Dr. Maurice Bucaille

In his objective study of the texts, Maurice Bucaille clears away many preconceived ideas about the Old Testament, the Gospels and the Qur'an. He tries, in this collection of Writings, to separate what belongs to Revelation from what is the product of error or human interpretation. His study sheds new light on the Holy Scriptures. At the end of a gripping account, he places the Believer before a point of cardinal importance: the continuity of a Revelation emanating from the same God, with modes of expression that differ in the course of time. As a surgeon, Maurice Bucaille has often been in a situation where he was able to examine not only people's bodies, but their souls. This is how he was struck by the existence of Muslim piety and by aspects of Islam which remain unknown to the vast majority of non-Muslims. In his search for explanations which are otherwise difficult to obtain, he learnt Arabic and studied the Qur'an. In it, he was surprised to find statements on natural phenomena whose meaning can only be understood through modern scientific knowledge. He then turned to the question of the authenticity of the writings that constitute the Holy Scriptures of the monotheistic religions. Finally, in the case of the Bible, he proceeded to a confrontation between these writings and scientific data. The results of his research into the Judeo-Christian Revelation and the Qur'an are set out in this book.

Concept of God in Major Religions

There has always been a question in the minds of people about the existence of God. All major religions have believed in one god or another. Thus, believing in a supreme being that is omnipotent and omniscience is essential to the existence of mankind. This full-colored book tackles the issue of existence of God from a different perspective including starting off with how different people view God. It first categorizes the belief of the major religions into 5 types of religions. Then, it describes the concept of God for world's several major religions including Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, and others. The book ends with a detailed analysis of concept of God in Islam and how it perfects the concept of God.

Islam is Your Birthright

Majed S. Al-Rassi. Edited by Dr. Bilal Philips

Is it necessary to adopt a religion? What is the criteria to judge a religion? How to differentiate between a false and a true religion? How to check the pure teachings of a religion? These are the vital questions that arise in the mind of a person when he looks upon the religions for a critical study. So, which religion is the right one and how can the seeker of truth know it? This is the subject of this booklet.

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